We see this quite a bit – artists connect all of their social media accounts together to save time on posting and theoretically get the same content out to more fans. We have our thoughts on why that’s not a good idea overall, but for now we just want to focus on one of those connections. Here’s why tweeting an instagram link might actually hurt more than help.

A few years back, the Twitter app got an update that enabled rich media posts to show up right in your twitter feed. You could tweet images, youtube video links, and instagram links – and you would see an auto-generated preview of that content right inside the tweet without ever having to go to the link. These are called Twitter Cards, and we build them into a lot of our sites these days.


Not long after that, Instagram was purchased by Facebook (the enemy) and Twitter made some changes. They disabled the ability to see an Instagram image in the twitter feed and simultaneously boosted their own image service (pic.twitter.com). When posting an Instagram link in a tweet today, all you’ll see is that link and you must click to load the content within the built-in browser. This adds another step between the viewer and your content and it drastically reduces the amount of people who would normally see your image. So it’s is worth it to post your image natively to twitter using the pic.twitter service rather than auto posting from Instagram. Your image will show up within the feed which will get a lot more views.

The Twitter app even allows you to tag others in that native photo (and as of this posting, they have added their own native video service).

So take the extra step and post images within the twitter app.