TwoSevenTwo Entertainment was started in 2008 with the vision that social media, and the web in general, were vastly under-utilized tools within the music industry for promotion and fan engagement. Our vision is still to find innovative ways to facilitate the promotion and follower engagement of our clients. We are primarily a company that works within the music industry, but we are by no means limited to that. We have worked within several other industries to carry out that original vision. However, the question remains: What kind of company is TwoSevenTwo? This is not an answer that is easily defined or wrapped into a nice neat package. TwoSevenTwo is many things to many people. This is an attempt to give a greater understanding to what we do and who we are.

TwoSevenTwo has always been committed to the promotion and follower engagement of our clients. To achieve this, TwoSevenTwo utilizes social media, visual media, branding, merchandising, web design, and graphic design. For some of our clients we provide photography and videography. To others, TwoSevenTwo is a web development company. Some of our clients utilize our branding or merchandising services. Still others utilize all of our many talents to promote themselves and to increase their engagement with their followers. In this way, TwoSevenTwo is many things to many people. You can think of us as a sort of ?swiss army knife? for your brand. We stay dedicated and open to discovering new and effective ways to benefit our clients. What we do is not easily defined because it?s constantly evolving. If a better tool becomes available that would be useful to serve a client, then we are interested in understanding how it can be used in the most effective way to meet their needs.

WHO TwoSevenTwo IS may be more important than WHAT TwoSevenTwo DOES. We are not interested in shameless self promotion. We believe in letting our work stand for itself. We believe in doing things correctly. TwoSevenTwo strives to perform each service in a way that provides a seamless image and experience for our clients and their followers. We spend little time on promoting our services because we understand that satisfied clients are the best PR that we could hope for. This has been a business model that has been very effective for us so far. Whether we are doing a lyric video, a photo shoot, designing an album cover, building a web site, or handling merchandise, we are committed to excellence because the TwoSevenTwo name is on everything that we do. This mantra motivates us to do what is necessary to provide a complete experience for our clients, and drives us to exceed expectations.