About Yancy

With boundless energy, a myriad of creative channels, an unflinching commitment to evangelism and a heart of worship at every diverse turn, Yancy Ministries is rapidly becoming a premiere destination for uplifting entertainment and church resources used all across the globe.

?I think diversity is something that happens in creative people,? notices Yancy, who?s spent more than a decade on the front lines of artistry and ministry with an ever increasing desire to serve fellow believers in many different areas. ?I?m just one of those people who has a whole lot to share and express. My life plan has always included music. I started off doing more CCM music, then started leading worship, and with God?s prompting, began making music for families. There are several elements that are a part of the music and ministry that I do. Those things are what make me who I am. Some see those things as diverse. I just see it as me being obedient and doing what God has called me to do.?