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New Website For Conduit Church

Check out this new website we did for Conduit Church. Responsive design with a nice grid layout for home page images.

New Website For Citizen Way

Brand new website for Citizen Way just launched. We had fun with the scrolling one page on this one and added a new feature for album lyrics.

Check it out.

New Website For Amy Grant

Check out the brand new website for Music Icon Amy Grant. It’s been an honor to work with Amy for years now, and we’re excited to move into 2016 with her.

Mark Shultz – “Different Kind Of Christmas” Lyric Video

Here’s a lyric video we did for Mark Shultz and his song “Different Kind Of Christmas. This song has since gone viral on Mark’s Facebook page with almost 7 million views in five days.

MercyMe – “Joy” Lyric Video

Another Lyric Video for the band MercyMe and their song “Joy” from “MercyMe It’s Christmas!”

MercyMe – “Christmastime Again” Lyric Video

Something a little more fun for the band MercyMe’s Christmas Album “MercyMe It’s Christmas!”

New Website For Natalie Grant

Check out the brand new website we launched for the talented Natalie Grant. Responsive design matching her new album “Be One”.

New Website for OneRepublic

We just had the opportunity to launch a brand new website for the band OneRepublic. The website features tons of photos of the band live, news and videos in a responsive theme, viewable on any screen. We’ve also been on the road with these guys for the past several months taking photos and providing content […]

Brand New Website For Michael W. Smith

TwoSevenTwo recently launched a brand new website for the great Michael W. Smith. The website features news, photos and videos from Michael’s career in a seamless responsive design.

The Afters – “Live On Forever” Lyric Video

TwoSevenTwo Media released another lyric video for the band The Afters. Check out their new song “Live On Forever”.

John Tibbs – “Dead Man Walking” Lyric Video

Recently released a new lyric video for new artist John Tibbs. Check it out.

MercyMe Releases “Flawless”

We recently release a music video for MercyMe’s song “Flawless”. In this video we wanted to take what the band expressed in the song and translate it into video form. This video was produced and co-directed by TwoSevenTwo for Fair Trade Services.

Why a mobile responsive website is key

Mobile devices account for 1/3 of all internet traffic. We consistently see this on our client’s site analytics. It’s clear that more and more people will be accessing the web from their tablets and phones this year, and we’re prepared for that.

Why you shouldn’t auto-tweet an Instagram image

We see this quite a bit – artists connect all of their social media accounts together to save time on posting and theoretically get the same content out to more fans. We have our thoughts on why that’s not a good idea overall, but for now we just want to focus on one of those connections. Here’s why tweeting an instagram link might actually hurt more than help.

Hawk Nelson debuts new lyric video for “Drops In The Ocean”

We recently got to create the lyric video for Hawk Nelson’s hit single “Drops in the Ocean”! For this video, we wanted to capture elements suspended in water.

OneRepublic’s 2014 Native Summer Tour

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Here’s some photos from OneRepublic’s Native Summer Tour